“In Europe, culture isn’t homogenised, the way the media have made it in America. I love the sense of locality, the way it produces different reactions to me. We started in Scandinavia. In Norway, everyone was on the same page as me about the environment; when I talked to people they asked such clear, clean, beautiful questions. Then in Switzerland, I’d get these twisted Jungian queries about identity. A journalist asked me, ‘Why should we trust you? You put yourself out there as so vulnerable, you want us to take care of you.’ I thought that was very Swiss: so suspicious and paranoid.

Next is Portugal, which I really love. They recognise their own culture in me, they pick up on the wistfulness in my music and treat me like a fado singer complaining about fate. It’s all pretty different from the treatment I got in America when I was touring there. Everyone was obsessed with my meat and potatoes, what kind of underwear I had on, what bows were tied to what bits of my body. I humoured them to be educational, for the sake of other transgender people who haveto stay invisible.”

entrevista a Anthony Hegarty ao Guardian.co.uk

dica dela


About Filipa Queiroz

Jornalista. Nascida em Coimbra, criada em Braga e a viver em Macau.

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