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Spitting & Burping

Many Chinese spit and burp vivaciously throughout the day. In this culture, it’s not gross; it’s not rude. Due to SARS and the awareness of disease spread, there are public campaigns to stop spitting and it has worked, if slightly, in larger cities. But don’t be surprised if you hear a spirited cough with a wet thwak at the end where it hits the sidewalk (just remember to take your shoes off before you go into your hotel room). Burping is a sign of contentment. Your cabbie might belch and so might your waitress. Just pass it off and enjoy the difference in culture. Difference makes life interesting, doesn’t it? “




About Filipa Queiroz

Jornalista. Nascida em Coimbra, criada em Braga e a viver em Macau.


  1. Difícil compreender como o nojento para uns é sinal de contentamento pra outros. Felizes aqueles que tem a oportunidade de viver isso tudo com os próprios sentidos.

  2. Verdade 🙂 Quanto tempo Andre, seja bem-vindo!

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