Boat People (2016)

PREMIERE: Macau International Film and Video Festival, 10 May 2016

HONOURABLE MENTION IN MACAU CULTURAL IDENTITY at the Sound & Image Challenge International Festival 2016

Global Impact Film Festival 2016 – Washington D.C.

Festival Internacional de Cinema do IPOR – Instituto Português do Oriente em Macau 2016

Portuguese: Hoje MacauPonto Final Tribuna de Macau
English: Macau Daily Times, mART

Directed by 導演 Filipa Queiroz
Produced by 製片人 Lina Ferreira

In the early 80s a family was literally born in a refugee camp in Macau. Three decades after, the protagonists, journalists and other witnesses look back to the time when Macau became a safe haven for refugees coming from Vietnam.
Refugee was the word of the year in some countries in 2015. The reflection of a crisis that seems distant when viewed from Macau, although as the documentary tries to capture, the city has a tradition of embracing refugees. The film intends to be a reflection about courage, gratitude and the importance of journalism too.


No início dos anos 80, uma família nasceu literalmente num campo de refugiados de Macau. Três décadas depois, os protagonistas, jornalistas e outras testemunhas olham para um tempo em que Macau foi abrigo para refugiados que chegavam do Vietname.
Refugiado foi a palavra do ano em alguns países em 2015. Uma reflexão sobre a crise que parece distante quando vista de Macau, apesar de, como este documentário tentar captar, Macau ser uma cidade com tradição no acolhimento de quem procura refúgio. O filme pretende ser uma reflexão sobre valores como a coragem, a gratidão e também a importância do jornalismo.

More in the Macau International Film and Video Festival 2016 website:…

Once Upon a Time in Ka Ho (2012)

PREMIERE: Macau International Film and Video Festival, May 2012 

Shenzhen Fringe Festival

Kan Kan Cinema Forum, Shanghai

Festival CineMistica * OTOÑO ANTROPOLÓGICO, Corrala de Santiago de Granada 2015

Liber.Ac Cultural Festival, Slovenia

Yilan Museum of Art in the framework of Come Alive Art Festival

Directed by Hélder Beja
Produced by Stephanie Lai
Script by Hélder Beja, Filipa Queiroz
Camera and Editing by Filipa Queiroz

Ten patients living at the old Ka Ho Leprosy Center, in Coloane, Macau SAR (China). They were taken there decades ago, to a place far away from society and from the city that in the meantime got through big transformations. “Once Upon a Time in Ka Ho” is a story about this people and about a place where time seems to have stopped, and remains almost unchangeable just five minutes away from Macau’s casino strip. This documentary was part of the Macau DocuPower program and premiered in the Macau International Film and Video Festival 2012, organized by the Macau Cultural Center.

Color Grading – Gonçalo Ferreira
Translation – Stephanie Lai
Production Assistant – Rui Cid
Music by Noiserv
Archive Images – Macau Historical Archive and Cecília Jorge / Rogério Beltrão Coelho collection

Uncle Kao
Chan Fong
Father Gaetano Nicosia
Ho Choi Chan
Peter Cheng

Special thanks to:
All the interviewees
Ka Ho Elderly Centre staff
António Faria
Catarina Brites Soares
Edgar Medina
Emily Siu
Gonçalo Ferreira
Joanne Kwai
Ricardo Pinto
Susana Gomes
Vanessa Pimental


極拍48‧Rush48 – The Bicycle Diaries (2015)

PREMIERE: Macau International Film and Video Festival, May 2015

★ Winner Distinction Prize
導演‧Re‧Dir‧ : Filipa Queiroz


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